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New Programmable Environmental Temperature Humidity Climatic Test Chamber
  • New Programmable Environmental Temperature Humidity Climatic Test Chamber

New Programmable Environmental Temperature Humidity Climatic Test Chamber

Product ID:TS-408-40M
Classification: Temperature Test Chamber
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Product Discription

The temperature and humidity tester is designed for testing the capability of heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance. It is suitable for the industries of electron, electrical equipment, vehicle, metal, chemistry, building materials, luggage, adhesion tape, printing, packaging, etc.


◆ Appearance: high texture appearance, the body adopts circular arc shape, the surface is processed by fog stripe, and adopts plane non-reaction handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

◆ Observation window: rectangular multi-layer glass viewing window, which can be used to observe the test products in the test. The window is equipped with anti-sweat electric heater, which can be used for waterproof gas condensation water drops, and high brightness PL glister light to keep the lighting inside the box.

◆ Water supply system: It is equipped with an external water supply system, which is convenient for supplementing the water supply in the humidifying drum and recycling automatically.

◆ Compressor: The compressor circulation system adopts French "Taikang" brand, which can effectively remove lubricating oil between condensing tube and capillary tube, and the whole series adopts environment-friendly cold coal (R404, 507).

◆ Control mode: intelligent PID+SSR/SCR positive and negative two-way synchronous output, including advanced slope control logic.

◆ Controller: with multi-segment program editing and temperature and humidity can do fast (OUICK) or slope (SLOP) control.

◆ System capacity: 150 groups of programs ×1500 sections can be logged in, the number of sections can be divided arbitrarily, and the programs can be freely connected to each other.

◆ Cycle setting: 9999×999 times cycles can be performed, and 5 separate cycles can be cut out.

◆ Time signal: 3 sets of timing control output interfaces, with 10 timing control modes, to facilitate the execution of timing planning for the start/stop of external driver components.

◆ Safety inspection: 15 items of full-function system detection to ensure safe operation of the machine.And can automatically display the time of failure, items and elimination countermeasures.


 Model  TS-80-40M TS-150-40M TS-225-40M TS-408-40M TS-1000-40M
 Capacity  80L 150L 225L 408L 1000L
 Interior size (cm)W*H*D  40*50*40 50*60*50 50*75*60 60*85*80 100*100*100
 Exterior size (cm)W*H*D  93*131*81 100*155* 110 100*170* 120 110*180* 140 150*195* 165
 Single maximum currently(A)  8A 10A 13A 14A 24A
 Rated power(KW)  3.5KW 6KW 7KW 9KW 13KW
 Weight(KG)  260 310 320 400 700
 Temperature range  -40℃~+150℃
 Temperature stability  ±0.5℃
 Temperature uniformity  ±2.0℃
 Humidity range  20%~98%RH
 Humidity stability  ±1.5%
 Humidity deviation  ≤±5%RH when humidity is less than 75%RH; ≤±3%RH when the humidity is more than 75%RH
 Heating up  heat up from -40℃ to +150℃,≤60mins
 Cooling down  cool down from +20℃ to -40℃, ≤40mins
 Ambient temperature  ambient temperature condition for the chamber working:+5℃~+35℃
 Exterior material  1)stainless steel; 2)galvanized steel sheet bake finish
 Interior material  SUS304 stainless steel
 Insulation technology  outer rigid polyurethane foaminter glass fibre cotton
 Refrigeration mode  mechanical vapour compression refrigeration-single stage; cooling mode: air-cooling
 Refrigeration compressor  totally enclosed plunger compressor imported from France (low noise/environment protection)
 Refrigerant  environment protection R404A(DuPont)
 Circulating fan  high temperature induction motorcentrifugal wind wheel
 Heater  high reliability stainless steel packaging finned heater/selectable: nickel chrome alloy bare wire heater
 Humidifier  built-in stainless steel anticorrosion heating pipe, deflector type humidification(convenient to clean, low water consuption)/available to select outer humidification barrel
 Control mode  curing input PLC control system
 Displayer  7 inches TFT Truecolor LCD screen,resolution: 800*480; manual touch screen input
 Operation mode  fixed value and program
 Program capacity  120 porgrams and each program can set 100 sections
 File saving  parameters; available to output the curves and datas by U disk
 Communication  to select LAN network interface, convenient to remote connection control and fault diagnosis
 Water supply  pump drive
 Water tank  15L/20L food level PE water tank, available to clean dismantling.
 water requirements  resistivity of humidifying water supply ?≥500MΩ
 Standard accessaries  a 50mm diameter test hole and a soft plug;2 stainless steel shelves with excellent ventilation; a observing window,4 mobile caster wheels and 4 wheel pads
 Power  3 phase, 4 wires, 380V 50Hz±10%+protective earth wire
 Protection device  power anti-phase overvaltage protection; power leakage protection switch; test specification overtemperature protection(independent); compressor overload high and low pressure protection; heater overtemperature protection;humidifier dry heating protection;water shortage protection; controller self diagnosis fault reminding